Gale Cooper’s Real Billy The Kid History: The Youtube Talks

Gale Cooper’s Real Billy The Kid History: The YouTube Talks Book Cover
(ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-949626-33-9; Paperback 978-1-949626-32-2)


Gale Cooper’s Real Billy the Kid History: The YouTube Talks, brings together the complete transcripts of her 41 YouTube talks on her revisionist history of Billy the Kid, the Lincoln County War, and the Santa Fe Ring.


Did you know that most of what you’ve seen, read, or heard about Billy the Kid is untrue? My name is Gale Cooper. I’m a medical doctor and forensic psychiatrist. My specialty is murder case consultation for the defense. For 20 years, I’ve used my expertise to uncover the real Billy the Kid. Researching over 40,000 pages of archival documents and books, I’ve written the revisionist history. It’s shocking. It’s liberating. And I’ve written books demolishing the hoaxes hijacking the history. My talks will share with you what I’ve found. Cover-ups, misinformation, and fakery - to use Old West lingo - will bite the dust.